Xatar, Drake & Playboi Carti – This is what you missed last week


Alina Amin



Your weekly dose of Hiphop business

The end of the week is coming near, and we’re back again to give you an update on the most important news and happenings of the Hiphop business world. Last week, we had Bad Bunny, Nike and Money Boy making their business moves.

This time, it’s all about Xatar’s newest endeavour, Playboi Carti’s freshest drink and Drake’s mega-moves.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it:

Xatar becomes Chief Viral Officer
at the Bloomwell Group

Whenever we cover Xatar on here, it’s because the artist also known as the “Baba aller Babas” is making serious waves in the business world.

This time, Xatar is joining the Bloomwell Group to take on the role of Chief Viral Officer. His goal: To decriminalize Cannabis in society and work on a more open atmosphere towards people that consume it.

“Anyone who uses Cannabis is not a criminal, nor should they have to explain themselves to third parties or be pushed into any kind of corner. I will work together with Bloomwell to ensure that Cannabis is perceived as an integral part of our society and culture.”

Bloomwell, the Frankfurt-based Cannabis company, is hailed as Germany’s biggest one yet. It’s Xatars freshest update from the business world, after he released his own ice cream. It’s safe to say that the Baba is making moves.

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Drake’s new deal with Universal Music

Now this one’s straight from the music industry: Drake’s 400 million dollars deal with Universal Music.

According to Variety, it was confirmed in the Universal Music Q1 earnings call that the company has entered a deal with Drake – a huge one. Basically, it’s a multi-faceted deal that includes recordings, publishing, merchandise and visual media projects. And, according to their calculations, this deal could bring Drake around 400 Million Dollars.

It’s no surprise that Drake is the artist making deals like that. He’s one of the most iconic musicians of our times and a poster child for popular Hiphop sound. If you want to explain the relevance of Hiphop culture, you could always reference Drake; An artist with many projects and a huge fanbase, that gives him a huge cultural relevance.

Playboi Carti provides us
with a drink

Playboi Carti is the next rapper to join the club of alcohol-makers. He’s dropping his own ready-to-drink cocktail titled “The Hardscatto”. The drink from Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits is a vodka-infused beverage with notes of muscat blanc grapes, peach, apricot and elderflower.

To celebrate the new drink and kick off the partnership, Carti starred in an advertisement with Thomas Ashbourne himself, where he tells him that his drink is “trash”. And advises his new partner to drink “Hardscatto”.

Playboi Carti has made a name for himself in the US-rap scene and has become a cultural icon over the years. He collaborated with musicians like Kanye West, Drake, Kid Cudi and many more. But most importantly, he created a whole movement out of his persona, also called “Carti Culture”. An artist, that truly has a say in what’s cool and what’s not.

this week’s feel good story is
“Almost Fly”

And, as part of our weekly “feel good” session, we’re excited to announce that the Hiphop TV-series “Almost Fly” has finally launched and is available for streaming on Sky.

As some of you might remember, we brought back the legendary Hiphop magazine “BACKSPIN” for the launch of the coming-of-age show, which documents the beginnings of Hiphop culture in Germany. A must-watch for everyone!