Cars presents the first-ever Mercedes-AMG performance hybrid

Till Hesterbrink


News x Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes-AMG presents the first hybrid performance car. The perfect combination of electric and powerful, that’s what the new Mercedes AMG GT 63 E S is intended to be.

In addition to Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, is also featured as a new brand ambassador.

“Everything but quiet”: for Mercedes

The musician is credited with having played an active role in the campaign for the new Mercedes AMG GT 63 E S. Not only is he reported to have had a hand in the concept, but has also written his own song for the car, which will premiere on September 10th.

The musician said about the cooperation: “Cars are my passion, especially AMG’s. And I love improving an existing product, pushing boundaries and connecting things that you think would never go together. That’s hiphop – my home.”

The main focus of the campaign is to prove that electric cars do not equal compromises. The new AMG is “everything but quiet” and also has plenty to offer in terms of performance with its 843 HP.

Mercedes does it all

Mercedes has really understood how to appeal to customers who are culturally connected to the brand. They heavily rely on influential voices from the culture.

Just last week, the automaker announced a capsule collection with star designer Heron Preston, using discarded airbags to make new clothes.

Virgil Abloh was also brought on board last year. The mastermind was entrusted with the task of designing a new conceptual G Wagon that is intended to be visionary for the future of the popular model.

And then, of course, there’s the campaign with A$AP Rocky, which is setting the bar for collaboration between brands and rappers.