How we resurrected the iconic BACKSPIN Magazine for the launch of “Almost Fly”

What we did

Rarely do cases make history – our latest one does it. For the launch of the Coming-of-Age series “Almost Fly”, we brought back the legendary Hip-Hop magazine “BACKSPIN”.

After over 25 years and a total of 118 issues, the print edition of the oldest German Hip-Hop magazine “BACKSPIN” was discontinued in 2016. To activate the new Warner TV series “Almost Fly”, THE AMBITION revived the magazine for an exclusive special edition. On 80 pages, the magazine tells you everything about the Origins and the last 30 years of Hip-Hop in Germany. The distribution of the total of 4,000 copies will be handled by SNIPES.

The Movie

It is a great pleasure and honor for us at the same time to give the culture back its favorite magazine and to document the beginnings of culture in Germany, following the content of the series.

To give you more insight on the stuff that went on in our brainstorming sessions and the idea behind everything, we also released a case movie that highlights all the important moments. In our 2-minute-long case movie, you’ll learn more about the history of BACKSPIN, get an idea of what goes down in “Almost Fly” and get a glimpse of our work.

Special thanks to Viktor Heinz and Stories2Tell!

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