We made the EasyCredit Basketball league awards culture

Awards, but make it culture

We took the awards of one of the most important sports leagues in Europe to the left and brought culture in the mix to create something new and revolutionary.

As the first professional sports league in Europe, the EasyCredit Basketball Bundesliga from now on has awards that are inspired by the aesthetics and iconic talents from hip-hop culture.

Within the framework of our long-term partnership with the league, we created a total of seven brand new awards in two different designs for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and the best coach of the season, among others. They were designed and realized by the established design team of Studio Egotrips (e.g. work for SNIPES, Adidas & Solebox).

The awards were presented for the first time last Saturday, on May 7. More awards will follow in the upcoming games of the main round and quarterfinal games of the playoffs.

The main design of the award is composed of four golden pulse curves from the corporate design of the league, which together form an abstract basketball basket. The new interpretation of the “pulse curve” was developed at the beginning of the season on behalf of us together with up-and-coming fashion designer Martin Ratkowski (e.g. work for LFDY, PESO) and is a reference to Style Writing in graffiti.

“The new awards are absolutely unique in European professional sports and express our chosen path of increasingly building cultural relevance and thus increasing the popularity of the league. Basketball is one of the coolest sports in the world. Together with THE AMBITION, we have set out to build an authentic and contemporary stage for it now in Germany.” – explains Sebastiano Provenzano, Head of Strategic Marketing at EasyCredit BBL.

Kudos to Erol Taskoparan and his team. 1,000 Thanks to Sebastiano Provenzano, Elena Przybylski and Manuel Werners for the trust.

Stay tuned for more.

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