Ufo361, Nike, RTFKT and ABOUT YOU – This is what you missed last week

Alina Amin



This is what you missed

Each week, our “This is what you missed last week” will give you an overview of the most important cooperations, collaborations and moves in the world of hiphop business.

In the past week, Ufo361 and the KaDeWe joined forces, Nike acquired NFT platform RTFKT, and ABOUT YOU is making moves in the Hiphop scene. Lots to cover, so let’s get into it:

Ufo361 goes to KaDeWe

German rapper Ufo361, or rather is clothing brand “nohugs”, is back with a new drop titled Chapter IV. This time, the usual online event will get a offline version with the pop-up store happening on the first floor of KaDeWe.

For almost a week, from December 13 to December 18, visitors can actually touch Ufos clothes before buying them.

The insta page of the brand says that the drop is already sold out – but judging from the pictures the rapper posted, it seems like the pop-up have something spooky in store.

Nike gets digital

Nike made a mega move in the spheres of the Metaverse and acquired the fashion and sneakers NFT site RTFKT Studios. RTFKT, that had two extremely successful years after their launch in early 2020 is soon to be part of Nike – a sign that the Metaverse is coming soon.

It’s also one of the bigger moves, apart from Adidas newest venture into the digital world, showing us that the Metaverse is coming for our lives.

RTFKT is a design studio that creates digital sneakers and fashion.

All about hiphop

On a different note, ABOUT YOU is diving deep into the world of Hiphop and streetwear. The German e-commerce giant has announced two big moves last week. One being their Hiphop joint venture called ‘WhyNot’.

With ‘WhyNot’, ABOUT YOU is aiming to build a platform for Hiphop savvy Gen-Zers. The overall plan is to create THE platform for rappers’ personal brands and to provide guidance for artists. A platform, where they can showcase clothes, give their fans exclusive content and even drop new songs or do events.

They already have leading personalities from the scene on their team: In addition to Tarek Müller and Julian Jansen, the rappers Bausa and RAF Camora are also involved, as well as music managers Lucas Teuchner (TwoSides), Ronny Boldt (Ragucci & Boldt Holding), Austin Rosen (Electric Feel), and Wassif Hoteit (Keine Liebe).

In addition to that, Achraf from 6PM joined ABOUT YOU, who will now assist the star of the German streetwear scene as a strategic partner.