Till Jagla founds his own sneaker brand in the digital space of NFTs

Alina Amin


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To Future

Till Jagla, former Global Head of Energy at adidas, moves to the future with his new NFT-sneaker-brand Flowers For Society. The creative founded his brand this year in August and is doing big things already.

Described as “a footwear metaverse for collectors, sneaker heads and NFT investors”, Flowers For Society is the fist physical Sneaker-Brand that is built on NFT’s. To talk more in detail about the brand and the relationship between NFT’s and streetwear, Amadeus Thüner and Simon Bus from the Oh Schuhen!-Podcast met up with him. This is what we learned.

Part of a community

After Till Jagla dabbled into the digital world of cryptos and more, he decided to found a special sneaker brand. In the interview, he explains how a regular sneaker brand just didn’t feel right for him. That would be something, you could’ve done 30 years ago already. So, he thought about a new concept: A closed community.

Flowers For Society is a community that you can only be part of, if you join it. Joining isn’t super exclusive: You just need to buy the first sneaker, the seed one.

As a gesture, you will then be gifted one of the original OG NFT. And then it gets really exclusive: The NFT will then be a key to every drop, that will happen in the future. And will be the best possibility to buy all new sneakers. The key to the “Garden of Comfort”.

It’s a possible solution to every sneakerheads’ biggest problem: Bots. Bots that buy the shoe, before you can even make that click. With its exclusiveness, Flowers For Society will be all about the community and the people.

And whoever is one if these NFT-owners, will of course be able to make bank with it in the future. The seed one will be available only when you pre-order it, so nothing goes to waste.

What if you can’t get your hands on the first sneaker? Jagla explains, that there will be more NFT’s available in the Future, probably tied to a big collab or joint project. But those won’t be the OG NFT. Those will have the most power.

A big advantage that Jagla and his brand both have is timing. They’re early with the NFT’s and cater to a group of consumers that will be relevant in the future.

A legacy

Till Jagla was of the most well-known employees at adidas and has 20 years of experience in the sneaker industry. He spent 7 years at New Balance and over 11 years at adidas. In 2015, while he was still working at adidas, he founded his brand Pacemaker. Now, after founding Flowers For Society, he left adidas and started his entrepreneurial journey full-time.

Listen to the whole interview here: