The Ambition Score

Cultural credibility is finally measurable

THE AMBITION and the renowned market research institute YouGov have joined forces to measure the cultural relevance of brands in hiphop culture in Germany for the first time. The Ambition Score shows the cultural relevance in a total of seven sectors. Included are brands such as Nike, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, Red Bull, Rolex, YouTube and Spotify.

The Ambition Score will be published annually and can thus serve as a long-term measuring instrument for a brand’s cultural activities.

Why culture matters

Generation Z expects more from brands than quality products. Brands need to convey an attitude and a way of life. They need to tell a story, and take their audience on a journey.

Brands that are part of our culture do this to a particularly high degree. Rooting brands and products in popular culture is the holy grail of marketing. Today, popular culture is dominated by hiphop culture. More than half of young people in Germany identify with it.

This creates an enormous purchasing power. Even more important: popular culture has an big leverage: It defines the standard of ‘cool’ for our society as a whole. Cultural credibility in hiphop culture is worth hard cash and more; it produces long-lasting brand relevance which for a brand can mean the difference between life and death.

Until now, cultural credibility has been something vague and intangible. The Ambition Score transforms it into a fact that can be grasped.

The score

In a representative study conducted in cooperation with YouGov, two thousand people between the ages of 12 and 49 who identify with hiphop culture were asked about 69 brands from seven categories. The result is The Ambition Score.

In our whitepaper you will get all the results and interpretations.

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