The Ambition and Appinio: Hiphop heavily influences what Gen-Z buys

From niche to mainstream

Hiphop culture has evolved from being a niche over the past two decades and is now established in mainstream (pop) culture. Generation Z is the first to grow up with Hiphop as an omnipresent culture.

The Ambition and Appinio got together for a survey to analyze the influence that Hiphop has on Gen-Z. For that, we took a look at 14- to 24-year-olds and how culture influences the purchasing behavior of young consumers in a new study. We presented our results at the OMR Festival and exclusively on HORIZONT Online in advance.

Hiphop dominates in Gen-Z

Our results speak for the culture. Almost two-thirds of Gen-Z describe themselves as followers of Hiphop culture. For example, our study shows that 99% of all Gen-Zers like at least one component of hiphop culture.

Hiphop determines buying behavior. Almost 70% of Hiphop followers observe this influence in themselves. Hiphop fans from Gen-Z spend an average of around 38% of the money they have freely available on things related to Hiphop. The number of Gen-Zers who spend at least half of their discretionary money on Hiphop: also 38%. Even those who are explicitly not Hiphop fans still spend an average of 18% of their free money on such products. This results in enormous direct purchasing power.

After all it’s all about community and belonging: For 60% of Gen-Z, the cultural trend they feel they belong to influences which brands they like. Among followers of Hiphop culture, the figure is as high as 77% in Gen-Z. This means that popular culture – and for 65% of Gen-Z this means Hiphop culture – has a greater influence on brand preferences than influencers. Around 60% of Gen-Z find artists more credible than influencers.

All about Hiphop

To summarize:

  • Hiphop dominates in Gen-Z
  • Hiphop has a powerful influence on Gen-Z’s brand preferences
  • Hiphop has a an impressive influence on Gen-Z buying behavior

It’s clear: companies urgently need an answer to the question of where their touch points with culture are and how to authentically activate them.

Find the whole study on Appinio. Read about it on HORIZONT.

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