Snoop Dogg, McDonald’s, RAF Camora & more – This is what you missed last week

Alina Amin



What you missed

Like every week, we’re back with another recap of the most important happenings of the hiphop and street fashion business world.

This time, we have McDonald’s that again is collaborating with Hiphop culture while RAF Camora’s brand Cørbo Hiro shows at Milan Fashion Week. We’re also talking about Snoop Dogg, who continues to venture into the food industry.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it!

McDonalds links up with
Cactus Plant Flea Market

After getting together with RAF Camora – whom we’ll talk about in a minute – McDonald’s is linking up with the popular street fashion brand Cactus Plant Flea Market, short CPFM.

Together they’re launching the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box, a limited edition Happy Meal inspired by the brand’s signature aesthetic – the faces with a doubled-up set of eyes.

The box consists of a Big Mac or ten pieces of Chichen McNuggets with fries and a drink on the side. Buyers can also choose between classic McDonald’s characters: Birdie the Early Bird, Hamburglar, Grimace, or Cactus Buddy. All CPFM-fied, of course.

The collaboration starts on October 3 and marks the fast food giant’s next big collab in the field of Hiphop culture.

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RAF Camora at
Milan Fashion Week

RAF Camora’s brand Cørbo Hiro – which is now part of About You’s venture Why Not – showed at Milan Fashion Week. Specifically, the About You Fashion Week portion, where other brands like Puma, 6PM, or G-Star Raw were featured.

About You and RAF Camora have been working together for a little while now and it seems like this is their first big step in establishing their relationship to consumers.

Camora, who has been working on his fashion brand since 2015, also released his own perfume in the beginning of this year.

Momma Snoops
Breakfast Food

Snoop Dogg and Master P are teaming up for “Broadus Foods.” The two rap legends want to take over the supermarkets with their newly founded company. The first range of products has now been unveiled and is set to make the pair the “Kings of Breakfast”.

Snoop Dogg’s Instant semolina, oatmeal, maple syrup, and pancake mix are soon to hit the shelves. The whole thing will then be called “Momma Snoops.”

The logo is a picture of Snoop’s mother, Beverly Tate, who passed away last year. The website says it was to carry on her legacy of “generous love and passion for catering to families in the community” that the company was founded in the first place.