Snoop Dogg and G-Star Raw bring you Hardcore Denim

Alina Amin


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Bootylicious with hardcore denim

Snoop Doggy Dogg and G-Star Raw deliver us a bootylicious denim collections with their Hardcore Denim and Say It Witcha Booty-line. To create a fitting mood, they didn’t only drop a funny video, where Snoop explains why he likes the brand.

They also straight up created a whole new version of Snoop’s song “Say It Witcha Booty”.

Snoop Dogg x G-Star Raw

As of now, Snoop Dogg is the face of the new G-Star campaign. The Compton-based legend goes all out and enjoys the figure-shaping qualities of the jeans.

For the accompanying music video, neither the brand nor the rapper take themselves too seriously. Even an entire island becomes a booty. And the swim team is wearing jeans.

It’s refreshing to see that G-Star has embraced the culture as well as the rapper’s explicit style and isn’t afraid of a little bit of raunchiness.

“I’m teaming up with G-Star, because we are both pushing the field, staying ahead, cutting the edge. We are both masters of our craft – leading the game. You know what I’m saying? We look ahead.”

The campaign will not only take place online but also outdoors.

Snoop Dogg sells you anything

Nowadays, the Doggfather is also extremely busy outside of music. It was recently revealed that the rapper is currently working with comedy megastar Kevin Hart on a series about the “world’s dumbest criminals“.

Snoop is also now a member of the WWE Wrestling Hall of Fame. That’s probably one of the reasons why a few months ago he became a playable character in an official WWE mobile game.

But Snoop has also already advertised for much more absurd products. Among others, for a smart outdoor camera or even for SodaStream.