DirTea: Shirin David gets together with Flink for her new iced tea

Till Hesterbrink



Flink x Shirin David

For the second time this year, Shirin David and the delivery service Flink are joining forces. The record-breaking rapper recently launched her own iced tea. This is now also available in the Flink app.

The express delivery service out of Berlin has enjoyed great popularity since last year.

Flink it: Shirin David’s DirTea

After Flink has already played a role in Shirin’s music video for the track “Lieben wir,” fans can now also order the rapper’s products via the provider.

Flink offers to deliver groceries to customers in just 10 minutes. Via the app, you can simply select what you want to be delivered and shortly afterwards the products are brought to your door. It is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe at the moment.

Shirin David also made positive comments about the provider on Instagram:

“With Flink, I can order my entire grocery shopping and all femcare products easily and super fast from home via app. And to be able to see and order my own Dirtea in the app now is incredible.”

From now on, the three available DirTea varieties can also be ordered via Flink.

German rap loves iced tea

Shirin David is not the only artist in German rap currently making waves in the beverages market. Alongside Shirin, the hit machine Capital Bra launched his BraTee not too long ago.

In addition, Haftbefehl also recently followed the example of the two and announced that they also want to bring out an iced tea. Fittingly, it is to be called HafTea.

Drinks by rappers are also currently very popular in America. The best example here is probably Travis Scott, who regularly causes scenes of chaos with his drink Cacti.