Saweetie is getting her own McDonald’s menu & it’s a ride

Alina Amin



It’s icy

Saweetie gets her own McDonald’s menu. She is the first woman to be part of the collabo series and is apparently also much more creative than her male colleagues. Because in addition to the menu, she also provides inspiration for wild fast food combos. Let’s take a look.

Saweetie n Sour

Saweetie delights her fans with a menu consisting of Big Mac, four Chicken McNuggets, a medium fry, a medium Sprite, Tangy BBQ Sauce and Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce. The latter, fittingly has the new name “Saweetie ‘n Sour” sauce, but is basically no different than the regular one.

The new menu follows the already proven concept of putting together McDonald’s classics in a celebrity-approved menu instead of actually launching new burgers. This is exactly what happened with Travis Scott’s launch menu, for example.

What sets Saweetie’s collaboration apart from the rest are the wild combos she inspires her fans to try. In the promo images, for example, Chicken McNuggets can be seen topped on fries with some sauce – one of the less crazy options. In turn, things get particularly crazy with the french fry burger, a sandwich made of two burger patties with fries in the middle.

The source of inspiration for the weird compositions is Saweetie herself, who is known for her shocking fast food and recipe ideas. With viral creations such as Cheetos Pizza, Spaghetti with Salad Sauce or Cheetos Ramen, the rapper regularly sparks food-controversy.

The menu with icy packaging, is scheduled to be available in select stores starting August 9.

A famous order

The U.S. rapper joins the likes of Travis Scott, J Balvin and K-Pop band BTS with her new collab while delivering a slightly different McDonald’s experience to her fans in partnership with the fast food giant.

While all of the collabs are memorable (and pretty successful!) on their own, her project with McDonalds seems to be the most authentic one to date. Not only does she get her own menu with cute packaging, she’s also using her unique food-loving internet persona to give fans some pretty creative ideas.

For her, it’s another brand, she can offer her icy style to. Previous collaboration include Pretty Little Thing and Australian sunglass brand QUAY.