“Get it girl”: Saweetie delivers the soundtrack for Beats Fit Pro

Alina Amin



Get it girl!

Saweetie is back and delivers some fire bars for the new Beats Fit Pro commercial. The artist, who recently made rounds with her crazy McDonalds collab, is seen dancing in some next-level athleisure and listening to music – of course – through her Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones.

In the background of the ad, we can hear her rapping “Get it girl”, a short track that sets the mood.

For every move

The Beats Fit Pro are supposed to set a “new standard for premium earphones”. The wireless earbuds come with a “Secure-Fit Wingtip”, that is supposed to make them fit perfectly to your ears, so they never fall out – no matter how you’re moving.

They’re also noise cancelling, feature spatial audio and dynamic head tracking. They come in four colorways, including Black, White, Sage Gray and Stone Purple. Music fans and earphone enthusiasts can buy the starting Friday, November 5 for about 200 Dollars.

In the ad for the futuristic earbuds, Saweetie is dancing and having fun, while showing us with her song, what the headphones can do. The artist seems to be an OG lover of Beats by Dre. In the Video to her successful single “My Type”, she’s wearing a pair of blue Beats by Dre earphones.

The icy girl

Saweetie is always ready for some fun and authentic brand collaborations. With projects like her PrettyLittleThing collection, sunglasses with QUAY or Ranch dressing crocs with Hidden Valley Ranch, the artist has an impressive roster of cooperations.

Her biggest one yet is her collab with McDonalds, that not only made rounds at the drive-thru but also in the world of memes. Her celebrity menu included a Saweetie ‘n’ Sour sauce and tons of inspiration for some crazy burger combos.

What made her menu stand out, was the way it really represented Saweeties persona and fun side, with a hint of self-irony. An ideal mix for authenticity.