A$AP Rocky, RIN x True Fruits, Eko Fresh & more – This is what you missed last week

Till Hesterbrink



Here is what you missed

Last week – as every week – there has been a lot going on in hiphop and business. Feel overwhelmed? We got you! For our “This is what you missed last week” we recap the biggest happenings and keep you posted.

This time around, we’ll start with RIN, who has announced a new partnership with smoothie manufacturer True Fruits. And he is not the only one with a new drink on the market, as A$AP Rocky announced his new whiskey. And Eko Fresh partners up with Müller for a “Süperlecker” Ayran.

Lot’s to cover, so let’s get into it:

A$AP Rocky presents: Mercer + Prince

A$AP Rocky is from now on also one of the rappers selling drinks. The father-to-be unveiled his own whiskey Mercer + Prince last week. A new blended Canadian whiskey developed in collaboration with Global Brand Equities and E. & J. Gallo.

“I have been learning about whisky from all over the world for the past decade and wanted to defy the rules to create something unique, while honoring and respecting industry traditions,” Rocky said in the press release.

The rapper is said to have contributed not only to the whiskey itself but also to the bottle’s design. It comes with two glasses that can be placed on the top and bottom of the bottle. So the whiskey is always ready to be drunk and can be presented either standing or lying down.

“The bottle I designed is made to connect with the contemporary consumer.”

The whiskey is currently available to order exclusively through ReserveBar and is scheduled to begin shipping in mid-April. It will then also be available in retail stores sometime in the summer. In terms of price, the whole thing is within an affordable range at $29.99.

Rin x True Fruits x Ljubav Europe

True Fruits and RIN are joining forces. More precisely, True Fruits and RIN’s streetwear fashion label “Ljubav”. There will be a limited jointly branded smoothie bottle in your supermarket of choice from now on.

The design, where the J of Ljubav looks like a cigarette, is the highlight here. The logo of RIN’s brand is displayed on an all-blue bottle. Flavor-wise, the bottle contains the brand’s regular Yellow smoothie, which tastes of mango and passion fruit.

After drinking up, however, you should not get rid of the bottle. With an attachment, which will be sold from the 10th of April via the Ljubav online store, it can be converted into an ashtray. True upcycling.

The True Fruits x RIN Smoothie is said to cost €2.49.

Süperlecker: Eko Fresh & Müller collaborate on an Ayran

And to complete the trio of drinks: Eko Fresh. The rapper has announced via Instagram to work with the dairy Müller on a jointly designed Ayran.

For some time now, Müller has been selling Ayran, a mixture of yogurt, water and salt that is particularly common in Turkish cuisine. Now, for a limited time, the drink is coming to supermarkets in a bottle co-designed with Eko Fresh. In the process, he and his team, as well as the Müller team, are said to have used a process of elimination to decide what will be put on the bottle.

“It’s really something that means a lot to me […] My grandpa never thought that someday there would be Ayran in German supermarkets. Let alone that his grandson would be the one to design and launch it.”

In the run-up, the Freezmaster had released a song called “Ayran”. In it, Eko focuses on the value of cultural exchange.

The co-designed Ayran will launch next monday.

Feel Good Story of the Week

And to wrap our drink-heavy weekly recap up, check out Nigos new album. Yes, Kenzo designer Nigo has dropped an album, called “I Know NIGO!”. With an impressive guest list: From Tyler, The Creator to Pharrell and Pusha T – it features some of the heaviest hitters known in contemporary rap.