Rapper Haftbefehl gets his own iced tea called HafTea

Alina Amin



Quench your thirst

Offenbach legend and German Rap king Haftbefehl is coming for your supermarket shelves with his new iced tea HafTea. The product is hitting the market with help by the company CanLife Drinks.

Food and beverage collabs in German Rap proved to be highly successful and there is no doubt that Baba Haft will be part of that success-story.

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The first info we get is via CanLife Drinks, the company who is working on the highly anticipated iced tea with Haftbefehl. In a short video, they show Haft signing the contract and testing some flavors – setting the mood with a song by Baba Haft himself.

There aren’t too many infos on this new venture. What we sure know is that theres something big in the works. CanLife Drinks is already teasing the basics.

“We’ve brought one of the most amazing German rappers on board to develop a Baba Drink for you.”

The Drink titled HafTea will be an iced tea. Judging from Haftbefehls own Instagram-caption about the project, the first flavor will be called “Lemon OG” – a classic.

When it comes to Haftbefehl, there’s no doubt you’ll get fire wordplays on the regular and with “HafTea” – a mix between the words “iced tea” and “Haftbefehl” – he sure doesn’t miss. The name is also reminiscent of “Hafti” – one of his many nicknames.

The promo video also shows some merch, so that also might be part of the project.

iced tea and Rap

Iced tea (or rather just soft drinks) have taken the German Rap industry be storm. We don’t have to remind you of the success-stories that artists like Capital Bra or Shirin David have written with their own respective drinks.

Just recently, Capital thanked his fans for making his BraTee the most sold iced tea in the whole country. Considering the sheer amount of different iced teas on the market, that’s a huge success.

CanLife Drinks, a Start-Up, seems to be focusing on that: Drinks from the culture for the culture. After all, they’re most recent drop was a beverage with SNIPES, the German streetwear retailer.

With Haftbefehl, they got a whole brand in their team. The widely celebrated artist from OFFFM is appreciated throughout the whole industry – whether it’s your 40-years-old music critic or 15-years-old Rap-fan. Everybody loves Haftbefehl.

Stay tuned for more infos as this product finally hits the shelves in the coming months.