Post Malone is teaming up with Pokémon for an exclusive concert

Alina Amin



An unexpected combo

Post Malone is teaming up with Pokémon. In honor of the annual Pokémon Day, the artist is holding a whole concert on February 27th. The digital event will be available on YouTube Live, Twitch, and their official website. Why the big celebration? This year, the iconic brand is turning 25.

Found in 1996, the Japanese fantasy world was brought into existence when Satoshi Tajiri released his first games. What was thought to be a one-time venture arose into one of the most important Nintendo franchises, with various Animes, different games, and the iconic trading cards that currently sell like hot cakes on the resell market. Now they’re celebrating with one of hiphop’s biggest artists.

Catch ’em all

What seems like an unexpected combo isn’t too weird if you think about it. After all, the rapper is an avid gamer himself. Just last year, he joined the Envy Gaming ownership group – one of the world’s biggest Esport teams. And at age 25, he’s one of the many young millennials that grew up with Pokémon.

“I’ve been a Pokémon fan for a long time, so the opportunity to headline the Pokémon Day concert celebrating 25 years is awesome” – Post Malone

Since the pandemic started, more gaming companies are turning to digital events. The most obvious example being Travis Scott’s infamous Fortnite concert. The international sensation started a new era of concerts and events that refrain from in-person contact. In exchange for that, viewers and fans from all across the globe can experience the performance.

Brand’s favorite

Posty’s project with Pokémon is one of many ventures outside of hiphop the artist is working on. The rapper, singer, actor, and producer from New York seems to be one of the brand’s favorites when it comes to unexpected collaborations.

After all, we can thank Malone for the fact that Crocs continue to stay kind of cool. As one of their most important brand ambassadors, he represents the seemingly uncool shoe in a way that makes it surprisingly stylish. He also appeared in Bud Lights’ most recent Super Bowl commercial and released a sunglasses collection with Arnette.

In Addition to that, he’s always eager to expand his own business. Last year, he filed a trademark for a World Beer Pong League and – just like many local rappers – released his own wine.