Rap & Chocolate
Nimo & Milka team up for a “tender” collaboration

Till Hesterbrink



“Be Tender”

German rapper Nimo and chocolate manufacturer Milka have teamed up for an unusual collaboration.

In the wake of a new “tender message” edition of the chocolate, Nimo has released a new track in cooperation with Milka, which also strikes tender tones.

“Because tender tastes better”

Nimo put out a new track called “Zart”, which means “tender” in German. This is part of a joint campaign with Milka. They released a limited edition version of their alpine milk chocolate named “tender message”.

For this edition, each piece of chocolate is engraved with a small message, which is intended to spread kindness when shared. Fittingly, Nimo’s track is also about embracing your softer side and not always trying to be tough.

The song is available on all major streaming platforms and is not just meant to be a commercial jingle, but a real track.

“The beats are not followed by the usual hard messages: Nimo raps about how good and important it is to show feelings and be there for others.”

Rappers & Food

Nimo is far from the only artist who has found his way into the food market. However, unlike most of the big rap stars in recent times, he didn’t start his own brand but collaborated with an already established one.

Rappers like Capital Bra, reezy and even Travis Scott have recently launched their own drink. Others, like Xatar or Massiv, have discovered the food business for themselves as well and launched their own products or opened restaurants.

US megastar Lil Baby recently collaborated with Rap Snacks to release his own lemonade.

Tyler, The Creator recently took a similar step to Nimo – he composed the soundtrack for Coca-Cola’s new campaign.