New Balance x Miller Lite drop their exclusive Shoezie

Alina Amin



A shoe for your beer

New Balance and Miller Lite got together for a special collab. They’re dropping an exclusive Shoezie, a hybrid between a koozie and a sneaker – perfect to hold your favorite beer can and just in time for fathers day in the US.

The rather different collaboration is coming out in the following weeks in limited quantities. Let’s take a deeper look.

the originators

The collaboration of the two isn’t just a coincidence: It’s the originator of the dad shoe and the father of Light Beer coming together, to one-up each other and create the ultimate fatherly product.

Inspired by the New Balance 624, the Shoezie features material from the classic shoes with the shape being precisely fitted to your average beer can. The leather upper is topped off with a rubber sole, that keeps your beer warm at any moment.

The ultimate dad-product came to place when Miller Lite the flamboyant koozie. Sofia Colucci, Vice President of Marketing, Miller Family of Brands, explained the relationship between the two brands, specifically accentuating the authenticity of the collaboration work.

“As The Original Light Beer, we are proud to celebrate all things beer and all things dad, and the Shoezie does just that. When we dreamed up the Shoezie, there was only one brand to bring it to life and that was the maker of the classic “Dad Shoe,” New Balance. Together we want to thank all dads out there for keeping the grass cut, grilling those perfect meats, agreeing to the family dog, and of course, raising a Miller Lite, one can at a time.

celebrating fatherhood

The launch of the beer shoe is accompanied by a heartfelt campaign, featuring real-life dads. The shoe is a giveaway only and will be released in the US.

The project is another example of authentic collabos, that came to place not only because the brands just wanted to make a joint product but also because they appreciate each other. And obviously, because they know what they’re talking about.

Other examples would be A$AP Rocky and his collection with Marine Serre or Puma and Haribo.