Making a business: RIN from Bietigheim-Bissingen

Alina Amin


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Beyond music

RIN, a German rapper from the small town of Bietigheim-Bissingen, is here to take over. Arguably one of the most well-known rappers of this generation, RIN has a long roster of famous hits, genre-bending experiments, and progressive sound – all while representing his values and beliefs.

After a couple of years of blessing the local scene with his music, RIN is making serious waves with his new endeavor – namely, his streetwear and lifestyle brand Ljubav. And this brand is definitely not just another merch project.

Just recently, RIN presented his first-ever collaboration between Ljubav and adidas. And he made it a special event. To commemorate RIN’s most recent project, we’re looking at his career, his projects, and the reason he’s so successful.

“Kleinstadt” music

RIN, born Renato Simunović, is originally from Croatia and grew up in a small town called Bietigheim-Bissingen, in the South of Germany.

He started making music when he was just 16, together with the rapper Caz but it wasn’t until 2016, four years later, when he released “Bianco” with Yung Hurn, that he hit his big break. Since then, RIN has been famous for making a youthful sound that, while progressive, also hits the mainstream from time to time.

But we’re not here to talk about RIN’s impressive music roster. We’re here to talk business. 

Compared to other successful rappers, RIN is a kind of unicorn. He doesn’t live in a big city; he doesn’t have your typical German gangster backstory, and he actually seems quite normal. He is precisely normal in the sense that he is pretty relatable. Just your next-door-friend, that’s also a famous rapper.

Over the years, RIN has made his small city background his brand with his 2021 album called “Kleinstadt”. And that also follows through with this brand Ljubav, where “regional is the new international”.

bougie but make it low-key

That small-town image doesn’t mean RIN isn’t flexing like all your other favorite rappers. After all, some of his most famous songs have luxury and streetwear brands in their title (see “Dior 2001” or “Nike”). RIN talks about fashion, money, and lifestyle just as much as other successful artists do.

But(!) he doesn’t just talk about any brand. By scrolling through the lyrics and song titles, you’ll understand that RIN is one of those people who are “in the know”. The artist profoundly understands what brands are cool, why things are trendy, and what equally stylish music listeners want.

So, for RIN it’s not just about flexing with brands. It’s also about showing others he is part of the scene and a movement as a sort of pioneer. It’s about establishing and expressing his values and beliefs.

More than clothing

Since founding and revealing his own clothing brand Ljubav, RIN has further established his personal brand. With Ljubav, it’s about being regional, sustainable, and stylish without doing too much. Ljubav is more about wearing a cool, quality product, not necessarily a trend.

With its regional and environmentally conscious plan, RIN is joining the forefront of forward-thinking fashion. But it doesn’t stop there: He also seems to have put some thought into inclusivity.
Not only is the collection genderless, but the clothing sizes range from XS to XXL, covering a broad group of people. With these approaches, RIN established himself as somebody that understands the zeitgeist and helps to shape it.

Besides clothing, RIN has also released skincare, which we all know – if you’ve paid any attention to the beauty market in recent years – has become as important as ever.

And then, of course, we collaborate with other brands, namely adidas and True Fruits. With adidas, RIN has released a sneaker that was only reserved for the ones willing to fight for it. The collaboration was given away for free (!) at Splash!-festival and will also be available at another PR event yet to be announced.

His True Fruits project was an ode to sustainability with a bottle that can be re-used as an ashtray.
Every RIN product reflects his values, beliefs, and knowledge of fashion and trends. The drops and pieces are credible through and through. And, of course, his huge loyal fanbase is swooning all over them.

The catch

RINs fans are young and ready to buy stuff – but only the good sh*t. And the artist seems to deliver just that. Over the years, he developed his own authentic brand – one that differs from many famous rappers. RIN is fun. He’s quirky on TikTok and relatable in his ways.

The same goes for his music. While being a big artist, RIN has a sound that is just enough niche to develop a cult following.

Now, he’s combining his knowledge and his distinct brand to create something even bigger – something that was missing: Good quality and stylish, sustainable streetwear.