How BennyBoy Events transforms the way we listen to music

The Ambition London Edition #5

The Ambition – London Edition

How can brands work with the culture and show genuine appreciation and love for hip-hop? BennyBoy events might just have the answer. Their immersive listening events are a unique opportunity for fans to listen to iconic albums while enjoying a curated experience tapping into all five senses. The team merge artistic approaches with a genre that is still underserved when it comes to detail-oriented and unique approaches – so if you wanna tap into the culture more, adopt BennyBoy’s approach of true love for the culture, creativity and and trying out new concepts.

“Music and visuals and art is one world”

The concept is an incredible example of how brands can tap into the culture by enabling the curation of these unique concepts and experiences – by partnering with experts that know the culture inside and out, you can attract a whole new audience and stay authentic, appreciative and true to your brand at the same time.

So for this season’s last London Edition, Hanna went out to experience it for herself.


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