Creating hype through collaboration

The Ambition London Edition #4

The Ambition – London Edition

Creating hype is the holy grail of marketing. Some might even say you need to go viral to sell these days – but in an attempt to create presence and an aspirational image, many brands just get it wrong. Cue Unknown London. The brand is famous for their rhinestone-heavy streetwear selling out in seconds, and their incredibly loyal community. On their bus tour in collaboration with Havana Club and Red Bull, the three brands join forces to get even closer to their fans.  Unknown’s community enjoys a party that inevitably brings the three brands’ identities together.

“The other cities were just thankful for us being there!”

For us, the venture is a prime example of how established brands can support young designers in creating even more cultural momentum. Hyped brands, in turn, can inject their unique qualities into partnering products. Our key learning: It’s about who you want to target, and how you can get there. Pushing brands, artists and products that your dream audience already loves is a great way of doing just that. 

Hanna Linnéa Mödder visited the team on their last tour stop, and spoke to fans and founders alike to see first-hand how the concept works.


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