The future of streetwear?

The Ambition London Edition #2

The Ambition – London Edition

How can your brand become an integral part of the culture? It’s all about your contribution! If you enable people to do something they otherwise couldn’t, you’ve found your role. 

London based startup UPSTRM is doing just that – They set out to become the Spotify of street fashion. For our second London Edition, Hanna Linnéa Mödder is taking a look behind the scenes of the company that makes wearing coveted pieces as easy as ordering take-out. 

Key take-away – break down barriers and you are part of the culture! 

order street fashion like take-out

Hanna visits the UPSTRM HQ, browses her favorite pieces and orders one straight away. Come along with her and see how UPSTRM uses Hiphop principles like participation, empowerment and inclusion to upgrade the way we consume fashion today.


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