A trip through KAWS’ New Fiction exhibition

The Ambition London Edition #1

The London Edition

THE AMBITION goes UK! Since our founding, it has been our desire & claim to make hiphop culture accessible not only nationally. With Hanna Mödder as UK Culture Correspondent, we are taking an important step towards the internationalization of our services and expertise.

Hanna enables us not only to gather insights and expand access locally, but also to advise and accompany our internationally operating clients in a market that is extremely important for culture.

In order to make this knowledge accessible, we now have the series “The Ambition London Edition”. In Part 1, Hanna takes us to the KAWS NEW FICTION exhibition at the North Serpentine Gallery. The project, which opened on January 18, is KAWS’ first major exhibition in London.


KAWS NEW FICTION is a collaboration between Acute Art and the online video game Fortnite: A multi-layered project that reaches its audience through physical, virtual, and augmented realities.

Watch our tour through the exhibition here!


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