Lil Yachty, Pajel, Skepta and more – This is what you missed last week

Alina Amin



What you missed

Like every week, we’re back with another recap of the most important happenings of the hiphop and street fashion business world.

This time, we have Lil Yachty, who dropped his very own pizza and Skepta, who debuted his first painting. In Germany, we’re talking about Pajel who recently presented the new DFB jerseys.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it!

Lil Yachty makes

Lil Yachty launched his first-ever line of frozen pizza, “Yachty’s Pizzeria”, for sale only in Walmart stores across the US.

“Yachty’s Pizzeria” is the first offering from Deep Cuts, the U.S. brand for a line of premium frozen pizzas created by Universal Music Group for Brands (UMGB), the brands partnership division of Universal Music Group (UMG). It’s manufactured by Richelieu Foods, a private label company.

Yachty delivers four options, all at a priced at about 7 Dollars: Buffalo Style Chicken, Hot Honey Cheese, Pepperoni & Bacon, and Veggie Supreme.

Yachty, who is notorious for his pizza-obsession (he claims to have eaten pizza everyday since second grade!), explains how this project is close to his heart:

“I’ve loved making and eating pizza my whole life, so this is a project I’m really excited about and have been for a long time. We made some wild flavors, but there’s still something for everybody. I take my pizza seriously, so I’m looking forward to seeing what people think.”

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Skepta debutes
his painting

British Grime legend Skepta just debuted a painting titled “Mama goes to market” at Sotheby’s, one of the world’s most prestigious auction houses.

The painting shows a market scene in Nigeria, which Skepta describes as “a brought-together memory.”

The rap-artist created his first and only painting during the lockdown in 2020. The painting will be on show to the public from September 7 – 13 at Sotheby’s New Bond Street. After that, it will go on auction.

In the course of his announcement, Skepta talked to Financial Times about the reason he started painting:

“I did it because I was just super-frustrated in my house. I guess I was just so used to expressing myself all the time, every two days, out doing a show somewhere new,” adding that he wasn’t “gonna write a song about lockdown and staying in.”

Yung Kafa & Kücük Efendi
get together with Von Dutch

Von Dutch Originals is getting together with the German Hiphop-duo Yung Kafa and Kücük Efendi (YKKE).

Their collaboration titled “ESCAPE VON WELT” comprises a capsule collection and a three-episodes long animation series that features themes such as freedom, individuality, and autonomy.

YKKE, who are known for their animated and sometimes *trippy* music videos seem to be the perfect partners to give Von Dutch a collab-campaign that is contemporary to its core: A lot of Hiphop and the perfect hint of vintage sounds make their music stand out from the usual mainstream releases in Germany.

And, of course, YKKE as the young generation of Hiphop grew up in the 2000s, so that time period plays a big role for them. Just like for Von Dutch, a brand that really influenced the Y2K-era.

The collection consists of a hoodie, three shirts, an oversized trackjacket and
trackpants. And they also have the signature head accessories. It will be available to shop on September 15.

Pajel and the new
DFB Jerseys

The young German Hiphop artist Pajel showed the new adidas DFB jerseys in his a video on his Instagram.

In the video, Pajel himself is wearing a jersey with the DFB-look. Since the jerseys are yet to be officially revealed, the video by Pajel seems to be a sneak-peek.

The players Müller and Gnabry are part of the video as well.

The Ambition Score 2022

And to top everything off, here is an update from our side:

Following the first edition in 2021, THE AMBITION and market research institute YouGov surveyed the cultural credibility of brands. This year, the score becomes more extensive, covering more industries and more brands to create an even bigger picture of how hiphop culture sees brands.

Learn more here in our article, where you can download the whitepaper for free!