Lil Nas X and Jean Paul Gaultier join forces for exclusive merch

Alina Amin


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A new era

Lil Nas X and Jean Paul Gaultier get together to honour the “Montero”-era – the artists’ debut album release. For that, they’re dropping a fire merch capsule. A stylish tulle shirt with a vintage-look, reminiscent of the sought-after designs by the french designer.

Lil Nas X announced his new collab big style. In a tweet he let his fans know, that he had an announcement to make right when the album was released on September 17th. Now, he revealed that fans can get their hands on the ultra-limited genderless capsule collection – which only consists of a shirt.

Reminiscent of the rappers humorous take on religion and taboos, the shirt is limited to 666 pieces and costs 333 Euros. It can be pre-ordered on a dedicated website and is set to arrive at your doorstep starting October 15.

Described as “an ode to queer expression, creativity and self-acceptance”, the Italy-made piece is inspired by JPG’s classic 90s mesh shirt and an original print from the women’s spring/summer collection 2001. And – of course – it features Lil Nas X in “Montero”-aesthetic.

The website also offers a newsletter meaning that the shirt isn’t the only thing we’re getting out of this collab. Press images, that show Lil Nas wearing matching pants with the shirt, deliver us a big hint for some future drops.

Its limited

a dreamteam

Jean Paul Gaultier and Lil Nas X – a duo that isn’t just here to make bank. Both have a common goal: making the unconventional the new normal. Lil Nas X is known to be vocal about LGBTQIA-rights and provoking conservative structures and worldviews.

The fashion house is notorious for making scandalous fashion – not only because a lot of it isn’t wearable but also because the designer tackled the ideal of beauty throughout his career by using people as his models that weren’t the ideal model size, hight, age or just straight up too punk for fashion.

He also invented skirts for men and is known to deconstruct gender-stereotypes with his avantgarde fashion. JPG, the man himself, retired last year but the brand has stayed true to its’ roots. So getting together with Lil Nas X isn’t just an ordinary collab. It’s an authentic celebration of a common vision. And an honour to the cause.