Kurdo, Snoop Dogg and PSG + GOAT – This is what you missed last week

Alina Amin



What you missed

Like every week, we’re back with another recap of the most important happenings of the hiphop and street fashion business world.

This time, we have soccer club Paris Saint-Germain getting together with sneaker platform GOAT all while Snoop Dogg taps into the food industry. In Germany, we’re talking about Kurdo, who just announced his new e-cigarettes business.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it!

Snoop Dogg launches Snoop Loopz

Children, get out of bed – it’s time for some “Snoop Loopz”. Yes, you heard it right: Snoop Dogg is dropping his own cereal. Announced by Master P a couple of days ago on Instagram, Snoop Loopz will be released through Snoop Dogg’s food business “Broadus Foods”.

The rapper claims that his cereal has “more corn, more flavor, and more marshmallows” than other cereals and – it’s gluten-free.

With his new venture, Snoop Dogg joins numerous other rappers in their cereal endeavours. In Germany we have Luciano or Genetikk, in the US it’s rappers like Travis Scott, Lil Durk, and Lil Yachty – they’re all making cereal.

Apart from making business, Snoop Dogg’s food company is also supposed to do some good for the world. According to the website some of the profits from purchases of the cereal with benefit charities.

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Kurdo gets the hype

Kurdo is launching his new brand “Miserabel Smoke” – a “premium disposable” e-shisha venture that offers 16 flavors.

Kurdo is currently promoting the product launch and his new brand with a video in which the rapper is smoking a shisha. The shisha itself seems to be exclusively designed for (or even by?) him: the Logo of his “Miserable” album is placed on different places of the waterpipe.

Now, back to the e-shisha: On the designated Instagram channel, you can learn a little more about the upcoming e-shishas by Kurdo. You can already see a few flavors on the profile – including apple, banana, and energy.

For Kurdo, it’s an extension of the business experience he’s already gathered. After all, the rapper dropped his own shisha tobacco called “Al Hayat” years ago and also ran a shisha bar once. With his new e-shishas, he’s right in line with current trends: disposable cigarettes and e-shishas such as Elf Bar have been more hyped than ever in recent months.

Kurdo’s “Miserabel Smoke” e-shishas are dropping on Sunday at 6 PM.

Celebrating local culture:
Paris Saint-Germain x GOAT

We all know it by know: Paris Saint-Germain is one of the most lifestyle-esque soccer clubs – at least judging from their long roster of fashion and street fashion collaborations.

And their not ready to lose that status yet: Together with the streetwear platform GOAT, they released a campaign that centers around Paris culture, specifically the people of the city. The collaboration explores fashion and the historical connection between the French club and the community of the city.

And to authentically do that, they connected Parisians from different backgrounds with soccer stars like Lionel Messi, Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, and more.

Together, they’re all pictures wearing old and new PSG jerseys as well as GOAT pieces and accessory – a celebration of community!