Köftespiess: Xatar and Aldi revive memes for meat

Alina Amin



Give me a Köftespiess

Just in time for the launch of German rapper Xatar’s frozen foods line, Aldi Nord and the businessman get together for an ad to promote the line. And – rightfully so – resurrect Xatar’s infamous Köftespiess-meme that made his venture into the food industry possible in the first place.

Haval x Aldi

In the ad that was postet to instagram we can see Xatar sitting at a table with an Aldi employee named Anna. Together they’re drinking tea and talking about what she will do after her shift. And – surprise, surprise – she tells him she’s planning to eat Köftespiess. The rest of their conversation is basically a quote of the meme.

In the caption to the video fans can see that the Haval frozen meat is available at Aldi from November 15. One of the hashtags fittingly say “It was all a meme”. As we know, Xatar’s Köftespiess-interview made rounds in 2020 again.

While he was in prison, he was asked by the journalist about his plans after getting released from jail. He then explained how he just wanted to get a “Köftespieß” and some Ayran (a middle eastern yogurt-based beverage). Soon, everybody and their dads were quoting his lines. The meme got so big that the artist eventually founded his own restaurant.

The meat is available on packs that cost 3,99 Euros. You can choose between 12 Falafel balls or 6 meat skewers made from beef. Everything is halal certified.

Go big or go home

To make his food available across the country, he announced his frozen food line in January 2021. Back then, he was looking for distributors. Well, seems like he found them.

Working with one of Germany’s biggest discount supermarket chains for an ad is just what makes Xatar so special. The artist that found Goldmann music, a label that caters to national as well as international Hiphop artists, was never one for small jobs.

With an impressive career, a whole music business and the successful launch of a food brand, Xatar knows how to use his popularity and knowledge to make bank. And that always in a way that’s funny, witty and 100% authentic. And is not cringey at all.

Who knows? In some years, we might have Haval’s Köftespiess freshly made in every city.