Kanye West sells his own mixing device called Stem Player

Till Hesterbrink



Knaye West x Stem Player

While fans continue to wait in suspense for the release of Kanye West’s new album “Donda”, the rapper announces his own mixing device. The so-called Stem Player is supposed to allow everyone to change the songs as they see fit.

And that doesn’t just apply to Kanye’s tracks!

With Kanye West’s Stem Player: Mix albums yourself

With the device, it should be possible for anyone to completely remix all the tracks in their own library. At least as long as the artists have approved their songs for it via the Stem Player website. Faster, louder, quieter, backwards, without instrumentals: the only limit is to be one’s own imagination.

According to the website, the Stem Player will be capable of four channel lossless audio mixing, real time loop and speed control, tactile effects and many other exciting things.

The first videos of the player are already circulating on the net, which are supposed to show how the Tamagohi-sized device works. Tracks can be reshaped with a simple swipe or a press on the centered button.

Currently, only customers from the USA and the UK can order a device. The player retails for $200. A precise delivery date is not yet given, only “this summer” is stated as the shipping period. The Stem Player is also said to come with a copy of Kanye’s upcoming album “Donda.”

Given Ye’s track record regarding delivery dates, however, you probably can’t count on ever receiving a Stem Player. After all, the Donda merch hasn’t been shipped yet either.

Kanye West: a multifaceted mastermind

The release of the new Kanye West album kept the rap world in a frenzy for the last few weeks. Again and again Ye announced to release “Donda” and even gave listening parties at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. In which he even moved in for this purpose.

But still, fans are left empty-handed when it comes to new music. For many, the release of Stem Player is now the final sign that the new album is imminent.

Away from the music, Kanye was all the busier for it this year. In addition to new collaborations for his Yeezy brand, the first pieces of his collaboration with clothing giant GAP also dropped.

His collaboration with Nike caused some confusion. The sports manufacturer was allowed to use the previously unreleased song “No Child Left Behind” for a commercial with track runner Sha’Carri Richardson. And this although Kanye had previously announced never to cooperate with the Swoosh again.