Kanye West’s next big project could be homeware

Till Hesterbrink



Kanye West homeware

Kanye West’s company Mascotte Holdings Inc. has secured trademark rights for “Kanye West” in homeware, TMZ learned.

Rest easy Ye fans, soon you’ll be able to rest on your Kanye West pillow at night and tuck in with your Kanye West blanket. A dream come true.

Kanye West gets homely

The Kanye West brand is said to have been secured for various pillowcases, towels and a wide variety of blankets. These are said to be made mainly of silk and cashmere. As if anyone would have expected something different from the man, former known as the Louis Vuitton Don.

Kanye West’s love for interior design and mystical sinks is well known. The joint villa in which he and Kim Kardashian lived together for the longest time, he had co-designed himself.

Kim also registered KKW Home as a trademark, last year. To this day, however, nothing has appeared on the market bearing the brand.

All praise to the busiest

It’s no secret that Kanye West likes to load up on endless projects at once. In addition to a possible homeware collection, Ye recently released his latest album “Donda”, breaking records as usual. With the album, he has simultaneously reached the top of the charts in 152 countries on Apple Music.

He also announced a portable mixing device called Stem Player, which will allow fans to remix songs at their own will an on-the-go.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, fashion enthusiasts are still eagerly awaiting the big rollout of the collaboration of his clothing brand YEEZY and sartorial retailer GAP. So far, there has only been one jacket, which, nevertheless, was able to completely persuade with its special look.