Hardcore High: Juju drops her own Peach-Prosecco

Alina Amin



Her next move

Berlins very own Juju, one of German Rap’s most successful female artists, has done it again. Together with Unibev she’s launching her own Peach-Prosecco and continuing her saga of high-quality products that are more than just merch.

To give it the kickstart it deserves, the fizzy drink called Hardcore High will be the center of attention at the exclusive Halloween party that will have everything a girl can dream of: Fun outfits, the cities’ best atmosphere and of course, the tastiest Prosecco Rap has ever seen.

Prost, dicka!

“Prost, Dicka!” (German for “Cheers, friend”), the slogan of the Prosecco is almost as authentic as the drink itself. The pink drink with the light taste is perfect for laid-back a night out with your friends or a big party – it’s versatile, fun and liked by many.

Did we say party? To give her first own drink the celebration it deserves, the Secco will be available for a first testing at her Hardcore High-function. Some lucky few had a first sneak peek into the drink in September, where they got together for the first instalment of the party series.

Now, with Halloween around the corner, Juju seemingly has the perfect setting for the next celebration, which will be held at Haubentaucher in Berlin on Saturday, the October 30. Tickets are of course, already out of stock.

The event happens just in time for the big launch of the drink in Berlins’ Spätis on November 5, where Juju will visit hand-picked stores with her friends. Non-Berlin-people can get a taste of the peachy alcohol on after November 19 – the official day when Aldi Nord will start selling it.

Meaning that the Prosecco will be available for many of her fans and also very accessible at a price of 4.99 Euros. Since it’s not hard liquor, even fans that are younger than 18 can purchase the beverage.

With Unibev, Juju has found the perfect partner: Not only are they responsible for Capital Bra’s extremely successful BraTee and Azet’s White Colombia, they’re also specialized in artist-collaborations.

Her own look

Juju’s ventures into fashion, lifestyle and now the beverage-industry are always on brand with her personal style. The Rap-star has worked with various companies in the past and always made her diverse and young group of fans ready to buy the whole thing.

Whether it’s her “Vier Vier”-collection with About You or her Peach-perfume – everything carries motifs and branding of the artist. A scorpio, soft and feminine colors as well as the look and scent of the peach.

The Peach-Secco is another example that fits her whole aesthetic: From the name (inspired by her single “Hardcore High” from her first solo album) to the pink and black look of the bottle – everything screams “Juju”.