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Hypebae & Shake Shack team up for milkshakes from out of this world

Till Hesterbrink



Hypebae x Shake Shack

In celebration of their fifth anniversary, contemporary magazine Hypebae teamed up with the fast-food chain Shake Shack. Together they are opening a pop-up store in Hong Kong selling a space-themed milkshake called the Supernova Shake.

A joint merch collection will also be available for purchase there exclusively.

Hypebae & Shake Shack deliver some Outerworldy Milkshakes

From November 5 to 7, the pop-up store will open its doors in Hong Kong. In addition to the usual menu, there will also be the Supernova Shake. The exclusive drink is a “sweet, hand-spun vanilla custard blended with pineapple puree, coconut and sweet potato”.

It “is topped with whipped cream accompanied by charcoal powder and silver sprinkles, adding to the galactic theme”. The milkshake will cost $48 HKD, the equivalent of just about $6 USD.

In addition to the food, merch will also be sold. It includes a reflective bucket hat, cat-eye sunglasses and a customizable Alpha Industries jacket.

The space theme is meant to emphasize the infinite potential of modern women, according to Hypebae. More space-themed collaborations are to be announced over the coming week.


Hypebae are far from the first to make common cause with fast-food chains. Hardly any collaboration last year attracted as much attention as the one between Travis Scott and Mc Donald’s. The rapper not only got his own menu but also released a series of merch items together with the golden M. Some more strange than others.

In Germany, shooting star Lucio101 also recently collaborated with the popular Food Brother chain for his own menu.

It also just makes sense. Everyone goes out to eat at fast-food restaurants, so it’s hard to get past the collaborations. On the other hand, there’s a big “culture push” for the restaurants — an absolute win-win situation.

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