The Ski Challenge, Montero and more: Hiphop and Short Video formats

Alina Amin



What’s hot?

Short videos live – as Capital Bra would put it. The young content format has taken the internet by storm and Hiphop is not missing out. Every week, we can see a new challenge emerge and make everybody go crazy. For Hiphop or specifically Rap, that’s usually a song that goes viral – sometimes because somebody wanted it to be this way. And sometimes because people are funny and things just happen.

When we talk about short video formats, we obviously have to name the platform, that revolutionized the whole game. TikTok has given social media a whole new creative outlet with its engaging challenges, viral videos and authentic space. Since Instagram and YouTube have implemented their own versions of short videos, challenges and trends have become even more exciting. Let’s take a look at what’s happening right now.

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