Hennessy celebrates Hiphop culture in Germany with THE AMBITION

Hennessy taps into culture

Hennessy taps into culture with their new campaign starting this month. It’s another milestone for the brand with the world’s best selling cognac: Parallel to the successful global NBA collaboration, the brand is focusing on talent and the influence of hiphop culture in Germany.

And we’re happy to annouce that this campaign was created in collaboration with us from THE AMBITION. It features the Germany-based producer Ghana Beats, who has worked with big names like Luciano and Shirin David. Also part of the campaign: rapper Billa Joe, who is considered one of the most promising newcomer rappers in the country with Luciano, reezy and Nimo among others as guests on his last EP.

While Ghana contributes the beat, Billa is acting as an off-speaker – bringing a maximum of authenticity to the campaign.

A long tradition

The campaign plays both visually and acoustically with the contrast between tradition and progressiveness. The 3D animations pick up on the brand’s colors and show the everyday life of the artists Billa Joe and Ghana Beats, who are seen at the beginning and end of the film as a 3D scan.

Hennessy, with its over 250-year-long history, has built up significant cultural relevance worldwide – especially in the USA. The brand was focused on the Black community as early as the mid-20th century and collaborated with renowned rappers such as 2Pac, Mobb Deep and Nas. To make this focus visible in Germany, THE AMBITION developed this campaign together with Hennessy.

“Hennessy has always been a part of hiphop culture and featured in music videos or song lyrics. That’s why it’s the first and only cognac we’ve had so far,” said Billa Joe. “For us, it’s a cool thing to start our own campaign with Hennessy, because this brand has been with us from the beginning in rap songs of our idols and now we are a part of it ourselves,” added Ghana Beats.

a common mindset

Ultimately it’s the common mindest and the shared connection to the culture, that brings Hennessy and German rap together.

“We are excited to work with THE AMBITION and the many talents from hiphop culture involved to launch an authentic campaign that expresses Hennessy’s connection to the culture. Hiphop and Hennessy share a common mindset and have always belonged together,” said Christoph Schmidt, Marketing Manager Spirits at Moët Hennessy Germany.

Special thanks to the team and everybody involved

Lara Muhn, Head of Strategy at THE AMBITION
Lisa Gröning, Culture Consultant at THE AMBITION
Voiceover: Tobi Oebel, Cultural Innovator and Copywriter
Layouts: Julian Meinert, Creative Director and Designer
Visuals:  Viktor Heinz engagiert, Video producer
3D Animations: Richard Rilinger, Artist

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