Haftbefehl, T-Pain & Bobby Shmurda – This is what you missed last week

Till Hesterbrink



Here is what you missed

What do hiphop and business have in common? Both never sleep. Granted, a whole lot more, too. But also that no week goes by without a series of hot news. Scared to miss out? We’re here to give you an overview of all the big happenings every Wednesday.

This time it’s about Haftbefehl’s new business in Dubai, the new restaurant owner T-Pain and Bobby Shmurda who joins the list of (legal) weed-selling rappers.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it:

Haftbefehl launches his first Dubai-based company

Having already proven his entrepreneurial spirit in Germany with his own label, NFT drops, a restaurant and much more, Haftbefehl is now going international. Via Instagram, the Offenbach native announced he had founded his first company in Dubai. It appears to be called “Noah Investment”.

What exactly Haft plans to do with the company is not yet known. In an Instagram story, however, he gave some initial insights. The business is supposed to revolve around an app.

“In case you’re wondering what kind of company I’ve started here: The company, it’s about an app. I’m going to invent an app with a colleague.”

Probably in the course of the new foundations, he also bought an apartment in Dubai. However, fans at home do not have to start worrying about not being able to link up with him. He never wants to leave Frankfurt for good, he says.

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T-Pain is a restaurant owner now

T-Pain is also expanding its portfolio alongside music. The Autotune legend announced on Instagram that from now on, he will be a proud restaurant owner.

T-Pain is extremely honest about this and makes no secret of the fact that this new path causes him great fear. However, he also explains that he does not want to be guided by his fear. He simply wanted to break out of his comfort zone, he says. Because that’s the only way you can create something and life won’t be boring.

“Thank you everybody for your support, kind words, encouragement, and though, it may not seem like it, I also appreciate the concern BUT, pls don’t project your own fears on to me. Let me shoot my shot without you telling me why you’re afraid to shoot yours. The people that end up succeding are the ones who can see through all the discouragements and go on to preserve.”

His parents were already restaurant owners, so the whole thing was practically in his blood. When asked why he chose to name his new restaurant “Fish N D Pocket,” T-Pain’s dad told a local news reporter once that it was one of the perks of being an owner. You can just call your stuff whatever you want.

Rollin’ legal with Bobby Shmurda

About a year after his release from prison, Bobby Shmurda is making moves. And we’re not talking about dancing, even if the New Yorker is more than adept at it, too. The 27-year-old has teamed up with Elevated Cannabis Company to launch his own marijuana strain. Or rather, not just one, but ten of them.

“Bobby Shmurda officially has a weed strain. Shoutout to Elevate Cannabis Company, I love y’all we got 10 strains coming out.”

How exactly does that work? Unclear. After all, his parole conditions technically prohibit him from consuming alcohol and weed. Nevertheless, in the announcement video on his Instagram channel, the rapper is seen standing on a chair and smoking. Actually, it’s probably not real… Let’s keep it at that.

With the partnership, Bobby Shmurda joins the ranks of greats like Jay-Z, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. They all have their own brand of marijuana, too.

Feel Good Story of the Week

And to close it all of: The next time you’re in Harlem, New York make sure to visit 140th and Lenox Avenue. Or as it will be called from now on: Lamont “Big L” Coleman Way. The late New York legend will finally get a street named after him, just a block away from where he was murdered in 1999.