Haftbefehl, Hype, and fashion collabs – This is what you missed last week

Alina Amin



This is what you missed

We’re back with another weekly recap and this time it’s all about fashion and movies. We have A-listers and big brands from all around the world like Haftbefehl, Balenciaga, and Adidas.

Whether it’s the many fashion collabs gracing the world in recent days, Haftbefehl’s newest achievement or the German Hiphop musical called Hype – Hiphop is on fire.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it!

Haftbefehl is named
Best Dressed rapper of Europe

Haftbefehl was named the best dressed rapper in all of Europe. He shared the award ceremony on his TikTok channel and in his Instagram story. The whole thing took place in Cannes. Hafti was awarded by FashionTV.

Hafti Abi received the prize from the media brand FashionTV. It has existed since 1997 and is more or less the go-to place for (broadcasting) fashion events. Last week, they held the FashionTV Awards Gala, during which Haftbefehl also received his prize.

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Collabs galore

Fashion collabs are nothing new and the past week is the best example to show you just that. Yeezy x GAP, Dior x ERL and more graced the world of fashion in the past few days.

One collab that definitely stood out was Balenciaga x adidas. Rumored for some time now, the partnership is the newest drop from fashion, that fuses streetwear, sportswear and high fashion together. Balenciaga, a brand that is extremely popular, regularly borrows from subcultures, streetwear being one of them.

With adidas as their collaborative partner for the newest collection, they found a brand with long heritage and tons of prestige not only in the world of sports but also in the culture.

German TV goes hiphop

If you’re into hip-hop (or just the newest TV- and movie-releases) you might have already noticed: Culture is everywhere. And right now, the German TV is the best example for that.

There are three(!) shows coming out that are all about hip-hop, culture, and authenticity: Becoming Charlie, Hype, and Almost Fly. Latter was released in a big campaign accompanied by the resurrection of the iconic Backspin Mag – a project we’re proud to be a part of.

All these show center on the youth that creates cultures and subcultures. The authentic and moving stories will hit viewers like an Old-school hip-hop-song: right in the feels.

We highly recommend checking all three projects out. In case you’re one of those busy people that won’t have time – no problem. If you want to learn more about hip-hop and culture, just hit us up.