Haftbefehl announces his own burger joint “Haftis”

Alina Amin



Baba Haft is back

German rapper Haftbefehl is ready to give us everything our burger dreams are made of with the grand opening of his own burger joint “Haftis”. Set to open in North Germany, Hannover, the rappers’ new business will officially start on December 10.


You now it’s Haft

Under the motto “Du weißt, dass es Haft’is” (a wordplay of his famous rap line paired with the restaurant’s name), he’s ready to serve you burgery goodness at his first ever restaurant.

To show you that it’s getting real, the rapper has a famous expert in his midst. In the announcement we can see Frank Rosin, German TV-star and cook, making one of Hafti’s soon to be available burgers. Rosin himself, who’s famous for his skills, is a successful owner of a restaurant that turned 30 this year. So the knowledge is real with this one.

On Instagram the rapper is already hinting that there could be more “Haftis” coming soon. It’s safe to say, that the artist is ready to rewrite burger history.



Haftbefehl is German Gangster Rap’s most enigmatic star. Originally born in Offenbach, the artist started out as an ambivalent underdog that rose to the top and is now represented in the countries’ most savvy magazines and news-outlets.

Given his status, it was only a matter of time until Haftbefehl comes out with his own products. A couple of months ago, he already announced his own iced tea called “Haftea”. His new burger joint is just another move that proves: Hafti knows his shit.