Gunna, Denim Brands, Wild Crocodile & more – This is what you missed last week

Till Hesterbrink



Here is what you missed

What a week it has been! As the year starts to get going, more and more exciting collabs and partnerships are made public. For our “This is what you missed last week” we sum up the most important happenings of the past seven days.

This time, Gunna fittingly bagged a Palm Angels collaboration in an effort to “push P” together. In the meantime, denim brands like Levi’s and Tommy Jeans are looking for stars of the culture to elevate their brands. And RAF Camora & Bonez MC reveal new information about their upcoming drink “Wild Crocodile”.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it:

Gunna & Palm Angels are “pushing P” to the next level

Gunna kicked things off with his track “Pushing P” from his new album “DS4EVER”. The “P” emoji took the internet and meme culture by storm. Worldstars like Kim Kardashian and Drake and brands like Walmart, Nike and AXE jumped on the bandwagon.

Now the fashion brand Palm Angels has snatched Gunna, the creator of the global phenomenon, and is making use of the first letter of their name.

In collaboration, the two partners have reinterpreted a classic Palm Angels T-shirt. Easily recognizable in the picture, the “P” of Palm Angels was replaced by the parking emoji that has become a meme. On the backside it is made clear that this T-shirt is only for people who are also “P” and that the “P” is already being pushed since 2015.

While it’s not entirely clear what the “P” actually stands for, it’s something positive. Quasi is equivalent to the old-fashioned term “cool”. And anyone who is pushing “P” is standing up for something “cool” or “good”.

You learn something new every day, right?

Denim Brands rely on stars of the culture

Both Levi’s and Tommy Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger’s denim brand, rely on hiphop stars’ support for their latest campaigns.

Levi’s has enlisted the help of several greats for its “The Number That Changed Everything” campaign to mark the 150th anniversary of the iconic brand. The seven testimonials include Kid Cudi and Beastie Boy founding member Mike D. Each of the seven presents the new version of the classic 501 jeans in their own unique style and thus makes the diversity of the denim visible.

Tommy Jeans also focuses on several people for their newest campaign, “Play To Progress”, including Tems. The Grammy-nominated singer presents the spring 2022 collection alongside virtual model Imma and BMX influencer BMXLifeRex.

However, Tems not only models, but also provides the soundtrack to the whole thing with her sogn “Vibe Out”.

Check out her video for Tommy Jeans on our Instagram page: @theambitiongermany

Bonez MC & RAF Camora unleash the “wild crocodile”

As reported a few weeks ago, the tireless RAF Camora & Bonez MC are currently working to further develop their vodka brand “Karneval”. Now the non-alcoholic market is to be served as well. The two had previously announced that this was one of their goals for this year.

In his Instagram story, RAF shared that those plans are now taking shape and it’s in the form of Wild Crocodile. These are quite obviously 0.5 liters of soft drinks in two flavors made public so far: Berry & Lime.

Particular attention was obviously paid to the special design and material of the bottle. Or as RAF describes it:

“Only original with the crocodile pattern,” referring to the haptic of the bottle.

It is not yet known when the drinks will launch. But what can be said now with almost absolute certainty: Like everything these two touch, it will be a complete success. In 2018, they said they sold 75 million bottles of their Karneval Vodka in their first year.

Feel Good Story of the Week

This one really depends on where you stand with NFTs. But if you hate them, damn, that must have felt good this week, when Kanye West very publically announced, he wasn’t having that.

“Do not ask me to do a fucking NFT”

It doesn’t get much clearer than that.