Frank Ocean launches his luxury brand Homer

Alina Amin


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Homer is here

Frank Ocean, notorious for his long silences, is back with a bang. Not with new music but with his own luxury brand titled Homer. The artist announced his venture a couple days prior to launch and described it as a “independent American luxury company”. 

Let’s take a closer look at Frank’s new brand and his first big collaborator: Prada.

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frank, frank, frank

When Frank Ocean announces something on social media then you bet it’s big. The musician was pretty quiet on his music prior to the announcement of Homer and fans were seriously expecting some fire songs to drop. Even though that didn’t happen, the Frank-Ocean-fans seem to be happy.

After all, his merch releases are one of their kind. Frank usually drops unannounced and without warning, making it pretty hard to get his original pieces. Fans go crazy for a rare piece of Frank Ocean merch. Not only because he’s a great artist but also because he’s just so mysterious that any work of art by him is worth the money (and waiting time) for fans.

With Homer, he’s launching a timeless project that’s not connected to his music at all. A project of its own, Frank’s baby. Available starting today.