Dardan, Eminem, Pharrell & more – This is what you missed last week

Till Hesterbrink



Here is what you missed

Every Wednesday for “This is what you missed last week” we cover the hottest and biggest moves in the ever-merging worlds of hiphop and business. And this week is no exception.

Dardan follows the trend of his rap colleagues and launches his own fashion collection. In collaboration with About You, of course. Eminem puts his gloves on and collaborates with Peloton from now on, while Pharrell designs for Tiffany & Co.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it:

“Who The F*ck Is This?” Dardan for About You

Besides Cro, Mero and Juju, About You has secured the next rap star. Dardan is releasing “Who The F*ck Is This”, his first own fashion collection, exclusively through About You.

The Stuttgart-based Rapper has released a comprehensive line of unisex pieces on the clothing retailer. A large part of the streetwear collection is kept in velvet and dark tones.

A little over a year ago, Dardan already released a song of the same name together with fellow rapper Gunboi. At the time, the elaborate video in particular caused a stir.

About You, in the meantime, is spreading as THE place to go for rap fashion in Germany. As mentioned at the beginning, not only Dardan releases his fashion exclusively through the Hamburg-based company, but also other superstars like Mero and Juju have exclusive deals.

This year will also see the launch of the joint venture “WhyNot” with an explicit focus on hip-hop fashion.

Hit it off: Eminem & Peloton present live boxing

Peloton bags a heavy hitter: Eminem! The rapper is the newest addition to the Peloton Featured Artist series. And together, the partners want to put on something truly special.

Instead of getting on the bike, it’s off to the punching bag. Because the latest addition to the Peloton range is the brand’s first live boxing class.

On January 28, there will be three back to back rounds of boxing classes to the music of Eminem. The whole thing will take place live on the Peloton app for subscribers. The event is being accompanied by a trailer, of course, to the music of the one and only Rap God.

Peloton has repeatedly collaborated with greats from the culture in the past. In addition to an exclusive partnership with Beyoncé, Peloton also brought on Swizz Beatz and Timbalands’ ever-popular Verzuz Battles for live events.

Drop it like it’s hot: Pharrell for Tiffany & Co.

Pharrell used the recent Kenzo fashion show at Paris Fashion Week for his own purposes. He presented himself with a pair of eye-catching diamond studded Tiffany & Co. sunglasses. That he designed (more or less).

“Tiffany and I are engaged,” Pharrell confirmes the collaboration to fashion magazine WWD.

The sunglasses are said to be just the first of many collaborations between the musician and the New York jeweler. He also told it’s not a simple cooperation between him and Tiffany & Co. It’s a “partnership.” However, he could not reveal more.

Pharrell has already designed jewelry in the past, in 2008 for Louis Vuitton.

Check out a picture of the sunglasses at our Instagram account: @theambitiongermany

Feel Good Story of the Week

And before we say our goodbyes for this week, let us brighten your mood with a video of Tyler, The Creator. Casually biking through the Louis Vuitton shwo at the aforementioned Paris Fashion Week. Because, why not!