Charity T-shirts: Please help us raise 10.000 € for war victims in Ukraine

Alina Amin




In just 12 hours, we reached our goal of selling the 100 t-shirts and raised 10.000 Euros that we now donated to STELP e.V. and their mission in Ukraine. Thank you all for the support!

Let’s help

We talked to helpers on the ground over the weekend and know firsthand that every cent helps to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. We looked for ways to provide help with our funds in the short term and issued 100 limited charity t-shirts.

The goal: To sell all 100 shirts as soon as possible and raise 10.000€ for STELP e.V. and their mission in Ukraine.

STELP is a civilian aid organization from Stuttgart, to whom we have direct contact. They’re on site at this moment to provide unbureaucratic relief supplies. Those who have been following Kool Savas’ Instagram Stories over the last few days already know it.


Over the past few months, we’ve been producing shirts for friends to celebrate hip-hop culture, which have been received very well. A core value of our culture is unity. That’s why we decided to produce 100 shirts for a good cause, which we offer now for 100 € in the online shop of Studio Egotrips.

To express that core value, we printed ЄДНIСТЬ on the front of the shirt, which means “Unity” in Ukrainian. In English, you can read the sentence: “Imagine peace on this Earth when there’s no grief — Imagine grief on this Earth when there’s no peace.” – a quote by Scarface.

The entire 100 x 100 € will be donated to the organization STELP to support their work. Just as fast and unbureaucratic as Serkan and his crew left for Ukraine with trucks full of donations in kind.

We want to thank Martin Ratkowski for the design and Erol Taskoparan from Studio Egotrips for the support of sales and shipping.

None of the participants earn money from the sale of the shirt.

You can buy the shirts here.