Celo & Abdi, Kanye West & Miami Yacine – This is what you missed last week

Alina Amin



Here is what you missed

We’re back with another weekly recap and this time it’s all about food and beauty. We have A-listers from all around the world like Celo & Abdi, Kanye West and Miami Yacine blessing the world of edible things and perfumes with culture.

Celo & Abdi, German Rap’s favourite duo, are launching their very own Mokka Latte in collaboration with Hot Blood, Kanye West is giving us more info on his potential McDonalds-project and Miami Yacine finally launched his own perfume brand.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it!

Miami Yacine launches
his own perfume brand
luvre franco

Miami Yacine just launched his own perfume brand called luvre franco and introduced his first two scents. “Pure Obsession” and “Endless Oud” are the names of the scents that each come in packaging produced in Portugal. The signature colors, pink and a black-ish grey, make the scents stand out from each other.

Luvre franco is the brand behind the scents. The creatives behind the perfumes are a team comprising many artists, designers and experts in fashion, lifestyle and beauty. The prices (about 65 and 80 Euros) are at the mid to higher-end of perfume prices.

Discover them here.

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Kanye West & McDonald’s
keep on giving

Kanye West and McDonald’s have been mingling around for some while. It all (offially) started with Kanye’s Superbowl commercial, where he promoted his “favourite restaurant” McDonalds.

Now he showed off his newest artwork on Instagram, a reimagined McDonald’s packaging for which he teamed up with industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. Fukasawa is known for his various works, including his famous projects for Muji, a Japanese lifestyle- and interior brand.

While McDonald’s hasn’t confirmed the collaboration with Kanye, it seems like there’s at least something coming soon from their apparent partnership

Celo & Abdi present:
The Mokka Latte

And last but not least, we have Celo & Abdi, one of the most iconic German Rap duos to ever exist, launching their own Mokka Latte in collaboration with the Frankfurt-based family business hot blood.

They created the mocha latte according to a recipe by Celo himself. The beverage is described as “a caramelized soft drink with a blend of the finest handpicked Arabica and Robusta beans for an indulgent taste without artificial additives”.

The exclusive and limited drop is available for pre-order. 24 cans of the Mokka Latte cost about 30 Euros.