Capital Bra’s sneaker, RAF Camora’s perfume, Kanye West & more – This is what you missed last week

Till Hesterbrink



Here is what you missed

By now, you know the vibes: Every Wednesday we cover all there is to know about the major happenings of the past week in hiphop business.

This time it’s all about Capital Bra’s first own sneaker with adidas, RAF Camora teasing his CORBO perfume and Kanye West, who not only scored a major partnership with Balenciaga for YEEZY Gap, but als used his newest music video as an ad for the upcoming clothes.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it:

“adidas lebt”: The Capital Bra x adidas sneaker is coming

After Capital Bra announced last year that he is part of the three stripes family from now on, the first major project of the partnership is upon us. The Bratan gets his own version of the adidas Forum Low.

The model comes in classic black white with some highlights tailored to Capi. On the side, the 27-year-old’s motto “Berlin lebt” (Berlin lives) can be found in idiosyncratic lettering. Apart from that, the logo of Capital’s label, Bra Musik, can be found on top of the shoe’s tongue as well as a metal patch on the bottom of the laces

“For me, Berlin is the most incredible city of them all. Nowhere else can you find so much creativity, life and energy at once. With my own adidas Forum I want to show exactly that and celebrate my hometown Berlin and the Berlin community,” Capital said about his sneaker.

A campaign film has also been announced for January 14 to showcase the shoe in style. From then on, fans can also register for the launch in the adidas app. The launch will take place one week later on January 21. However, only for the lucky winners of a raffle.

RAF Camora: Smells like something is coming

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say about the next topic yet, except that we are probably in for something big.

RAF Camora shared two images via his Instagram account that he says are part of a photoshoot for his upcoming CØRBO perfume. Some time ago RAF already shared his plans for the new year. Those who looked closely, could spot the plot point of launching a perfume.

Apparently, two fragrances are planned: CØRBO Nero & CØRBO Adriana. And apparently the official announcement is also imminent. Mark the upcoming 15th of January in your calendars.

Kanye West x Gap x Balenciaga is art

Shortly after Kanye West announced the upcoming collaboration between YEEZY Gap and Balenciage, the next coup followed. Less than four months after the release of his latest album “DONDA”, he released the music video for his track “Heaven and Hell”.

Besides references to paintings by Gustav Dore and John Martin, there was one thing in particular to see in the video: Clothes. The visuals are – above all else – the most stylish commercial in years.

If you haven’t had a craving for the black Yeezy Gap Hoodies yet, you will reach for your wallet after “Heaven and Hell” at the latest.

What makes YEEZY Gap engineered by Balenciaga so special, you can learn HERE.

Feel Good Story of the Week

And now for our favorite part of each week: the curious. This time we have to thank the master of all vamps, Playboi Carti.

He announced (in the best Travis Scott manner) his own action figures. And as expected, they look not only extremely lifelike, but also kind of eerie. After all, even his tattoos and grills were incorporated.

Check out the dolls RIGHT HERE!