Capital Bra, Ljubav & Balenciaga– This is what you missed last week

Alina Amin



What you missed

Like every week, we’re back with another recap of the most important happenings of the hiphop and street fashion business world.

This time, we have Berlin mega star Capital Bra expanding his BraTee franchise with some more edible(?) merch. All while RIN’s Ljubav is collaborating with none other than adidas. And an extraordinary moment from fashion week, including Balenciaga and Bang & Olufsen.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it!

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Capital Bra and Gum

Capital Bra sadly had to cancel all his concerts for this year’s festival season. To make up for it, he announced a festival edition of his BraTee. And a whole new product: BraTee gum.

Via his Instagram story, the rap star let the world know that a BraTee gum is in the works. The Berliner, who is currently taking a brief break in Bali, will shoot campaign images for the gum.

Since Capital Bra is never not working, fans can expect the BraTee gum to drop soon. And Capi expects his rap colleagues to drop their own gum soon.

RIN, Ljubav and adidas

RIN is getting together with adidas for his street fashion brand Ljubav. He announced the big move on Instagram, where he shared his trip to the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach with his fans.

There, he had a big shopping spree and used the opportunity to show his community around. He finished the Vlog by announcing the new sneaker he and adidas are working on.

To make the teaser phase even more exciting, RIN will make use of the festival season and visit Splash! with some of his new shoes – to give them away to fans.

RIN will headline the start of the Splash!-Blue Weekend and bless the world with some fresh sneakers at 7 p.m.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some free Ljubav x adidas shoe, visit RIN’s truck opposite the food court.

Balenciaga gets together with Bang & Olufsen

At Paris Couture Week, Balenciaga revealed their newest project: A bag-like speaker in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen.

The speaker actually comes with space in the back that can be opened – and filled – like a bag. And of course – you can also connect via Bluetooth to play your music.

The look and concept are very on-brand for Balenciaga: a little innovative and mostly celebrated. Considering the crazy pieces they released in the past months, the bag-speaker is comparably tame.

Bang & Olufsen seems to be a fan of fashion, culture, and hiphop. Last year, they released over-ear headphones with RAF Camora.