Bonez MC & Raf Camora, Backspin Comeback & Wavy Baby Sneakers – This is what you missed last week

Till Hesterbrink



Here is what you missed

Back at it again: As every Wednesday, this is the place to be for everything hiphop business. For our weekly recap, we look at the past seven days and keep you posted.

This time around, it’s all about Bonez MC & RAF Camora celebrating their success with Wild Crocodile, the one-time comeback of the Backspin and MSCHF’s latest venture, that got them in legal trouble. As always.

Lot’s to cover, so let’s get into it:

Bonez MC & Raf Camora celebrate Wild Crocodile’s success

Bonez MC’s and Raf Camora’s new drink “Wild Crocodile” seems to exceed all expectations. The soft drinks have been available in stores for a short time and are already out of stock in many cases.

Via Instagram, Bonez MC now made first sales figures public. In the first six weeks, five million bottles are said to have gone over the counter. That is double the amount expected for the first three months.

Wild Crocodile is a soft drink that comes in a total of four flavors. But this is not the only drink that Bonez and RAF currently have on the market. For the more adult fans, there is of course still the Karneval Vodka, which the two have been selling for several years. In 2018, nearly 75 million bottles of it were sold.

These two are basicly guaranteed success.

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    One-Time Only: The Backspin is back

    A similar guarantee of success is the following: The Backspin is back. As part of the release of Warner’s “Almost Fly” series, we brought back the Backspin.

    After the print version of Germany’s oldest hiphop magazine was discontinued in 2018, the old team has now come together once again for a special edition. The issue looks back into the past and gives an overview of hiphop, the culture and its history. 80 pages of pure nostalgia.

    A total of 4,000 pieces are available and will be distributed through our partner Snipes.

    “Almost Fly” is a drama series that follows the beginnings of German hip hop. The whole thing kicks off on May 02nd this year.

    MSCHF & Tyga cause legal problems with Wavy Baby Sneakers

    The Wavy Baby sneaker, which US rapper Tyga presented last week, caused quite a stir on social media. Because contrary to what the design suggests, this is not a collaboration with Vans, but with the art collective MSCHF. You may remember the Satan sneaker, which they created with Lil Nas X.

    Similar to the human-blood-filled Nikes, Vans is now taking legal action against MSCHF.

    Despite everything, or possibly because of it, the shoes are insanely well received. The “Wavy Baby” sneaker is already completely sold out.

    And even if it occasionally makes for pissed-off faces among the managers of the big brands, MSCHF’s work perfectly conveys the spirit of hiphop. Something of their own is “remixed” from existing (possibly boring). This is especially well received by young fans.

    Could it be more culture?!

    Feel Good Story of the Week

    And like every week, we wrap it up with our Feel Good Story of the Week. This time it comes courtesy of Prada. They recently introduced their “Downtown” sneaker. And while we’re on the subject of cribbed designs… This is not a Nike collabo. For all those who think Air Force 1’s are too basic.

    Prada Downtown Sneaker
    Courtesy of Prada