Barbie, Chrome Hearts, Playboy & more – This is what you missed last week

Till Hesterbrink



Here is what you missed

Each week, our “This is what you missed last week” will give you an overview of the most important cooperations, collaborations and moves in the world of hiphop business.

In the past week, Barbie and Kith joined forces, Chrome Hearts has provided Art Basel with a basketball court, and Cardi B is now on staff at Playboy Magazine. Lots to cover, so let’s get into it:

Have you ever found your daughters’ (or sons’) Barbies too unstylish? Shouldn’t Barbie wear image-appropriate clothes? Where is the drip? Kith got you covered.

In a collection released last week, the New York streetwear label re-dressed the world’s most famous doll. The accompanying doll was practically sold out immediately. The clothes are available for purchase in regular human sizes in addition to doll size.

Price-wise, the collection starts at $55 for kids and $65 for women.

The campaign follows a collaboration from 2019, where Barbie and Kith teamed up to launch a sytling contest – for the dolls.


Dripped out Barbies

Chrome Hearts hooping

If you aren’t very fond of Barbies, but you’re still a fan of trendy brands, the following might be something for you: Chrome Hearts created an entire basketball court for Art Basel Miami last week.

The famous sculpture garden of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami was made ready for hooping by the Hollywood-based brand. In keeping with the Chrome Hearts style, the hoops were made of a “sterling silver net” and a “hand-carved highly sustainable and recyclable aluminum” backboard.

In the background is a white wall decorated with a myriad of the label’s logo monogram.

Cardi B for Playboy Magazine & Centerfold

Cardi B and Playboy Magazine announced an extensive partnership last week. Cardi becomes the first-ever creative director in residence at the American magazine.

What exactly this role will entail is still unclear. However, there is already a first big project that the rapper is probably working on: Centerfold. This is said to be a “creator-led” platform for Playboy. Again, it is still unclear exactly what this array of buzzwords means and what it will look like.

“Cardi B is a creative genius and we are absolutely thrilled and honored to bring her immense talent and creative vision to Playboy,” Ben Kohn, the CEO of the PLYB group, said in a statement.

Some already criticized this move in the sense that Cardi B is possibly not really assigned a leading role and she should actually only serve as a testimonial. Only time will tell where this collaboration is headed.


Feel Good Storys of the Week

Aside from the big cooperations, there are always little stories in the hiphop business world that provide you with a smile.

The first one of this week comes courtesy of German rapper RIN and his clothing line Ljubav. They recently announced their new collection and once again set the standard for what hiphop fashion should be. Not only do the clothes not look like cheap merch in any way, they were also produced with a focus on sustainability.

And they have the most beautiful promo shots of them all – by far.

The new collection drops in just about a week, on December 16th.

But RIN isn’t the only German rapper making moves in the fashion world. Ufo361 was recently featured on the cover of Numero Magazine. Check out the pics on our Instagram.