Badmómzjay, New Balance & Virgil Abloh – This is what you missed last week

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It’s Thursday again, which means that it’s due time we update you on the most important happenings of the Hiphop business world. And as always: What a week it has been. On today’s agenda we have German rapper Badmómzjay on the cover of Vogue, Virgil Abloh’s “Project Maybach” capsule and New Balance ambassadors – we’re talking about big things.

Lot’s to cover, so let’s get into it:

Badcosmetics: Badmómzjay on the
Cover of German Vogue

If there’s one person who’s having the time of their life, it’s the German rapper Badmómzjay. Not only is she the first rap artist on the cover of the German Vogue, she also announced her own beauty line titled “Bad Cosmetics”.

The Berlin-based rapper is featured on the cover of the April issue, which focuses on the theme of attitude. The cover story on Jordy, appropriately enough, revolves around her personal attitude, her quest for a more inclusive rap community and, of course, her rise to the top. Badmómzjay, a young artist who is a known advocate for diversity in the Hiphop community, seems to be the ideal woman to grace the cover.

On top of the big celebration, she also announced her own beauty and cosmetics line “Bad Cosmetics”. So far, she is keeping a low profile with more specific details about the brand. However, the brand’s slogan suggests that the makeup products are made for “everyone”.

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    The capsule everyone has
    been waiting for

    After revealing the Off-White x Maybach car collaboration, the partners went a step further and created the capsule collection titled “Project Maybach”. The collection features pieces such as sweatshirts, crewnecks, shirts, a cap and gloves.

    The pieces have a clean and sleek look, with the overall theme being beige. And – of course – the brands’ branding.

    The multi-piece capsule is the last chapter of the collaboration between the late Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and Mercedes-Maybach.

    New Balance taps into
    culture – again

    And while we’re talking about collaborations, let’s take a look at what New Balance is doing. The sportswear brand has recruited some of Hiphop’s coolest artists to function as testimonials. The newest one is the Portland-born rapper Aminé.

    And then there’s the partnership with Jack Harlow. Aminé and Jack Harlow are both young stars of the scene. They have huge fan bases and are considered to be the future kings of Hiphop. For New Balance, a brand that seems on-trend in recent months, it makes sense to tap into new talent.

    While other brands, e.g., Nike or Adidas, already have a roster of established artists like Kanye West and Drake, New Balance uses the opportunity to invest in the youth and set itself apart. And that by connecting with the culture.

    Elon Musk and Berghain

    And last but not least, our feel-good story. And this time, it’s a funny one: The tale of Elon Musk and Berghain. Now, you might wonder. What does that have to do with culture? Well, as we work hard to explain Hiphop culture to you all, we don’t want you guys to miss out on the iconic memes it produces and important pop culture moments.

    So what happened? Basically, Elon Musk didn’t get into Berghain. So, for all you mid-40s start-up CEOs that have failed to connect with youth culture in the past: don’t you worry, you are not alone. Even the richest man on the planet is sometimes struggling when it comes to culture. What a metaphor for life.

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