Apache 207, Xatar & OMR Festival – This is what you missed last week

Alina Amin



Here is what you missed

The week is coming to an end and we’re celebrating the incoming weekend with a recap of all the important happenings in the sphere of Hiphop business.

This time we’re talking about Apache 207, who joins the industries’ winemakers and Xatar, who is celebrating the release of the trailer to his own biopic. And, we’re also talking THE A with our new study that just came out and our presentation at OMR Festival.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it:

Apache 207 & his own wine

Apache 207 is back with another drop but this time it’s not upbeat Hiphop music. The artist announced on Instagram that he is joining the art of winemaking with his own Cuvée called “Too sad to disco” – an homage to his recent album project.

And while his fame and status might be enough to make the drink sell out in no time, Apache shows the world just how much he cares about his new business. The release of his wine is accompanied by an official event on May 25 in the south-west of Germany. And to get to that release party, people can take part in a raffle-like pre-sale to get the exclusive and limited tickets.

Holders of said tickets can not only buy the wine but also meet Apache for an intimate wine tasting.

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Xatar’s story on the big screen

The German rapper Xatar is a regular in our news-feed. To no surprise: The musician is always out, looking for new ideas and ventures. With his Goldmann Group, he’s definitely a visionary of German rap and always ready to start new businesses.

But this time, we’re talking art. More specifically, a biopic about Xatars life. The artist, whose story about stolen Gold is basically German pop culture, is coming to the big screens. The Drama titled “Rheingold” will hit theaters in October and is produced by Warner Bros. Germany.

OMR Festival and Appinio

And last but not least, we have our feel good segment. This time, with our very own story. Our two founders Tobias Kargoll and Phillip Böndel hit the big stage at OMR Festival together with Laura Moser, Niko Hüls, and Falk Schacht. What did they talk about? Of course, cultural marketing and Hiphop.

Prior to that, The Ambition got together with Appinio, a market research institute, to analyze the influence Hiphop has on Gen-Z’s buying behavior. The results were presented at OMR Festival as well as HORIZONT.

You can read more about that here.