Apache 207, Money Boy & P. Diddy – This is what you missed last week

Alina Amin



This is what you missed

Just like every week, we’re back with another recap of the most important happenings of the hiphop business world.

This time, we have German A-listers like Apache 207 and Money Boy as well as icons like P. Diddy. Apache joins forces with FC Bayern Muenchen, Money Boy is the Face for a TuneCore campaign and P. Diddy received a lifetime achievement award.

Lots to cover, so let’s get into it!

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Apache 207 &
FC Bayern Muenchen

Apache 207 showed the world his football skills last year in a short TikTok. With an on-theme song of his in the background, the short video went viral immediately.

“I promise, tomorrow I will do sports”

A year later, Apache 207 joins the iconic football club FC Bayern Muenchen for a short guest game that was posted on Instagram. In the video, we see Leroy Sané hearing from his teammates that “he” is next. Apache 207 then joins in and enters the pitch.

What follows is a penalty kick challenge: with a wild trick, the musician from Ludwigshafen puts the ball into the goal. The team watches Apache’s moves very closely, because Bayern star Leroy Sané is supposed to recreate the penalty kick as true to the original as possible. From the shot to the goal celebration.

Rappers and football? It’s a combination with a long heritage. You can learn more about it in our most recent deep dive.

Money Boy and
TuneCore swag

TuneCore, “the world’s leading digital music distributor for independent artists and creators,” is launching a campaign in DACH-area to mark the launch of its new TuneCore Unlimited pricing model. And none other than Vienna-based rapper Money Boy is the face of the campaign.

Money Boy is one of your go-to artists when it comes to fun, credible music that doesn’t really take itself too seriously. Ironically, Money Boys – at times – sarcastic persona is what makes him so authentic. For a company like TuneCore, which aims to bring its services to authentic, independent artists, it’s one of the best testimonials:

“TuneCore simply has the most swag,” the rapper explains about his involvement.

P. Diddy receives a
lifetime achievement award by BET

P. Diddy is one of the most iconic artists the hiphop world has given us. With an almost three-decade long career, his work has influenced music, sub-culture and fashion.

To celebrate his legacy, BET will award the artist with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Scott Mills, BET CEO, stated:

“Diddy has always been a pioneering force in our community, breaking barriers, achieving unprecedented heights, blazing news trails, and, in so doing, raising the bar for all of us.”

His celebration is yet another proof of the huge influence hiphop culture has on contemporary arts, music, and fashion.

To learn more about hiphop’s influence on Gen-Z, read our Appinio study.