Another Wing: DJ Khaled builds global chicken wing empire

Till Hesterbrink



DJ Khaled’s Another Wing

DJ Khaled manifests his mogul status and wants to build the next empire. With Another Wing, the “We The Best” CEO now wants to conquer the food market.

To this end, he is launching his chain directly on three continents simultaneously at over 150 locations. Kind of.

Mogul talk: DJ Khaled launches Another Wing

DJ Khaled’s Another Wing, its name clearly inspired by his catchphrase “another one,” is not really a restaurant. The entire chain takes place purely online. This means hungry customers can order their menus as normal via common delivery apps.

The names are of course all based on DJ Khaled and the countless memes around his person. If you’re really hungry, you can order the extra large “Mogul Menu” with the appropriate sauce. The selection ranges from Suffering From Success Sesame Teriyaki to probably everybodys favorite: They Don’t Want You to Win Truffalo.

Price-wise, the menus start at just under seven dollars.

A location is also to be opened in Dubai. The hit producer told Bloomberg that he even plans to deliver the chicken wings to people’s boats there by jet ski.

“It’s the first restaurant concept to ever launch on three continents at the same time, with over 150 locations and growing.”

To accomplish this feat, DJ Khaled partnered with technology company REEF, which has worked with Wendy’s in the past.

Sizzling hot wing

DJ Khaled is not the only fan of chicken wings. Fellow rapper Rick Ross also sells his own poultry. However, under the banner of the gigantic chain Wingstop. The biggest boss himself is a franchisee of a total of 28 stores and recently drew attention with a funny commercial for the brand. He stated that he wanted to solve the “chicken wing crisis” in the United States.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Xatar continues to make waves in the food business like no other. Just recently, he announced his collaboration with Aldi Nord.