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These brands rule hiphop culture in 2022

In Germany, 65% of Gen-Z identify with hiphop culture. 77% of them say that hiphop influences their brand preferences.

Cultural relevance is key – the “Ambition Score” makes it visible.

THE AMBITION and YouGov publish their annual study on the relevance of brands in hiphop culture

Following the first edition in 2021, THE AMBITION and market research institute YouGov surveyed the cultural credibility of brands. This year, the score becomes more extensive, covering more industries and more brands to create an even bigger picture of how hiphop culture sees brands.

  • 160 brands from eight categories were surveyed
  • The categories were “Mobility,” “Retail,” “Fashion,” “Soft Drinks,” “Alcoholic Beverages,” “Food,” “Beauty” and “Service”

Fashion and beverage brands achieve the highest cultural credibility overall. Cosmetics brand Byredo ranks in the top 10 nevertheless.

The top 3 brands with the highest relevance in hiphop culture are:

  1. Nike (with a score of 68.03)
  2. Adidas (65.33)
  3. 4Bro (60.06)

The latter were polled for the first time in 2022, pushing Red Bull (56.01) to fourth place.

Compared to last year, some brands swapped places: BMW overtook Lamborghini, Audi overtook Porsche, About You surpassed Zalando. Jack Daniel’s and Gucci, both established in German hiphop culture, lost several places.

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